Mitokh ha-Ohel 

From Within the Tent : the Weekday Prayers (Mitokh Ha-Ohel: tefilot khol) : Essays by the Rabbis & Professors of Yeshiva University. The Michael Scharf Publication Trust of Yeshiva University Press; Maggid Books, 2014.

Mitokh Ha-Ohel includes contributions from members of the faculty and administration of Yeshiva University, exploring different aspects of prayer and focusing on specific prayers recited on weekdays. This is the first book of a three-volume series. The next two volumes, soon to be published, will deal with Sabbath prayers and Holiday prayers. The articles are scholarly and insightful, with authors drawing upon their areas of expertise: halakhah, homiletics, ancient Near Eastern history, philosophy, etc. And it is truly an ohel, an inclusive tent featuring many articles by accomplished scholars, both male and female. The articles are insightful, informative and inspirational.

Posted by Moshe Schapiro.


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