Welcome back to our campuses—with good wishes to all for a productive year in 5779 from the University Libraries.

  • Watch this Office Hours video, produced by Marketing & Communications and featuring librarians Wendy Kosakoff and Rina Krautwirth.
  • New! Online group study room bookings for Hedi Steinberg Library on Beren Campus.
  • Faculty: Does your course include a research project? Schedule a research strategy session with us.
  • Students: Find your colleagues’ thesis projects and dissertations on YAIR: Yeshiva Academic Institutional Repository.
  • Yeshiva University Libraries were credited for illustrations of its Prague Tanakh (Bible) in a new German book on Haggadah illustration in the middle ages (Franziska Amirov, Jüdisch-Christliche Buchmalerei im Spätmittelalter: Aschkenasische Haggadah-Handschriften aus Süddeutschland und Norditalien).

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