Congratulations to our 2021 YU Student Library Research Award Winner Elisabeth Kohn! Elisabeth, SCW ’21, is a political science major. Her paper, “German Attitudes Towards the United States Under Donald Trump’s Presidency, Based on German Reporting,” is an impressive, detailed product of a summer of research. She collaborated with Professors Ronnie Perelis and Steven Fine, who connected her with Robert Freedman, a political scientist who holds appointments at Baltimore Hebrew University and at the Johns Hopkins University.  She researched German sentiment towards issues such as NATO, the Nord Stream II Pipeline, defense expenditures, the Iran deal, and other issues that involved the Trump administration and shaped the transatlantic relationship. She learned from our librarians how to use online tools to filter through and save relevant sources for easy citation.

Her extensive research, the depth and originality of her paper, and her careful adherence to Chicago-style citations impressed our committee of seven readers, who evaluated 24 papers.  Mazel tov, Elisabeth!


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