The Institutional, April 30, 1926

A new, large set of synagogue bulletins has been added to the Libraries’ existing digital collection of historic bulletins from Modern Orthodox synagogues in the New York City area. This new set adds over 1,400 issues to the current collection of bulletins from the Institutional Synagogue, a renowned congregation established in 1917 in Harlem that served as a center of religious, cultural and social life well beyond its immediate neighborhood.

The Institutional Synagogue was founded by Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein, who served as its spiritual leader until 1937 when he relocated to lead its branch on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, which became the current West Side Institutional Synagogue.

The new set of bulletins consists of issues from the Institutional Synagogue between 1924 and 1936, and from the West Side Institutional Synagogue from 1937-1986.  Like the original bulletins, these are fully and freely searchable, greatly enriching this important collection through which New York Jewish life may be studied.

The Synagogue Bulletins collection can be accessed through the Libraries Digital Collections portal.

Digitization of this set of bulletins has been generously funded by a grant awarded to the Libraries by the Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation.


Deena Schwimmer, Archivist



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