Congratulations to our 2022 YU Student Library Research Award Winner Sammy Friedman! Sammy, YC ’23 is a psychology major. His paper, “The Differing Effects of Narrative Transportation Across Animated and Live Action Movies” was written as part of an original research project for an Experimental Psychology course taught by Professor Anna-Lisa Cohen.  His research involves the idea of “Narrative Transportation,” or the feeling of becoming so absorbed in a story that the viewer’s focus narrows away from the outside world.  His study involved the measuring of physical responses garnered from participants’ viewing clips from live action and animated versions of Disney movies to determine which style is more conducive to the viewer’s absorption into the stories.

Our committee of seven readers, who reviewed 16 entries, was particularly impressed by the depth and originality of his paper, and by the quality and use of a wide variety of resource materials.  Mazel tov, Sammy, on a job well done!

–Wendy Kosakoff, Public Services and Outreach Librarian


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