By: Binyamin Pfeiffer (’13)

On Monday, seven MTA students went to Washington, D.C. on the Yeshiva University High School lobbying mission. The trip was initiated by a training session on Sunday. In this session, we learnt lobbying techniques and how to most effectively try to influence government decision making. In addition, we became experts in the two topics we were lobbying about: foreign aid and Iran.  The following day, we enjoyed the five hour bus ride to the capital. What made it enjoyable was the accompaniment of Mr. Adam Dobrick, our esteemed Dean of Students. Mr. Dobrick took us to the world famous Air and Space Museum, where we actually reach and touched the moon (or a small piece of it). After this, we participated in a lobbying meeting with the assistant to Congressman Alcee Hastings. We also heard from the Jewish representative to the President, Jared Bernstein, which was both exhilarating and interesting. The trip to Washington was an ultimate success!

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