by Akiva Schiff (MTA ’13)

On Wednesday afternoon, the MTA Senior class and the eleventh grade Honors College cohort traveled downtown to attend an Off-Broadway production of the famous classic Cyrano de Bergerac. Many classes had read the play, and the whole group was very excited to see a live performance of it. The buses departed school during lunch and arrived at the American Airlines Theater on 42nd street in time for the 2pm performance.

The play is set in the seventeenth century, and tells the story of Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano is a brilliant and witty swordsman, whose talent of spontaneously producing poetic and eloquent prose is apparent throughout the tale; however, his physical appearance is marred by a hugely hideous nose which prevents him from confessing his love to the beautiful Roxanne. Roxanne is taken by a cadet named Christian who is soon enlisted under the command of Cyrano. Christian is a handsome man, and indeed that is what initially draws Roxanne to him; but, he is utterly hopeless when it comes to speaking in the graceful, lyrical and endearing language of romance. Cyrano and Christian decide upon a plan which will enable both to express their feelings to Roxanne, whom they both love deeply. It is with this basic background that the plot of this heroic comedy begins to unfold.

As we watched the action unfold across the two and a half hours of the performance, we were thoroughly engaged and entertained. The story was terrific and the acting was great; it was truly impressive to see the remarkable talent of the people on stage. Thank you to our English department for organizing such a wonderful experience for us, and to the faculty members who joined us and thus enriched the experience even more.

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