by Jesse Tawil (MTA ’13)

This Tuesday, Shlomo Anapolle and Jesse Tawil formed the new Navi Lunch Kollel as part of our Honors College Capstone/Legacy Project. We kicked off the Kollel in the Beis Medrash as Shlomo gave a wonderful and brief summary of the events in Melachim Alef, from David Hamelech’s death through Shlomo Hamelech’s reign, and down to the breakup of our nation after Shlomo Hamelech died,to the different and often bloody histories of the two kingdoms. Next, Shlomo and Jesse talked about the demise of Achav, the last major story of the Northern Kingdom in Melachim Alef and how Achav was killed by an arrow despite wearing a strong armor suit.

We are going to be continuing this special opportunity to learn about an overlooked and crucial part of our people’s history. The lessons that we can take away from Melachim Beis can help guide us for the future, especially when we try to make sense of the world around us. Whether it is Aram and Mitzrayim or Syria and Egypt, the Ashurim and Babylonians or Iraq and Iran, the same foes that afflicted us in the past are still here today. But, we outlasted them and continue to do so. The past repeats itself, and we can all use these lessons in our lives as a compass for the future. We are looking forward to continuing the program every Tuesday in the Beis Medrash at 12:35.

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