by Mayer Fink (’16)

On Wednesday, November, 28, the Freshmen students stayed after school to attend the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society production of 12 Angry Men, an inspiring and dramatic play performed in YU’s Schottenstein Theater by college students. The program was organized by 9th Grade Dean and Chair of the English Department, Mrs. Levitt.


Following maariv, all freshmen headed to the lunchroom to eat a delicious Carlos and Gabby’s dinner. At about 7:45 everyone started to walk, as a group, to the theater, which is an oval shaped room with about 80 seats in it. The play is about a court case in which a child is convicted of murdering his father and everyone thinks he’s guilty except 1 juror. The others tried to convince him that the boy was guilty, but

The Freshmen enjoy Carlos & Gabby’s (Photo Credit: Yair Gross ’16)

the juror wouldn’t budge. They tried to prove that he was wrong, but he continued to demonstrate that the proofs they brought to him were invalid. Over time, the votes slowly shifted toward not guilty and eventually the jury agreed that the boy was innocent. It was interesting to see the facial expressions and actions of the jurors literally 5 feet away from us. It was a an extremely well-done production, and everyone enjoyed the evening.

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