by Meir Barg (’16) and CJ Glicksman (’16)

This past Monday night, MTA novice debaters went to Ezra Academy in Forest Hills, Queens, to debate with over ten other schools. The resolution was that the New York City soda ban passed by the NYC Board of Health, scheduled to take effect on March 12, 2013, should be overturned. The night kicked off with dinner, and then it was quickly time to debate. MTA did amazing in the first round, going 4-0, UNDEFEATED! In the second round, MTA went 2-2, with an affirmative win and a negative win. Maariv followed, led by our very own Elan Dayonov (’15).

Suspense ensued as all the teams packed into the lunchroom, awaiting the results. The results were finally posted outside, with MTA’s spectacular 6-2 record shining bright (yellow highlighter). The night was not over, however, as the award ceremony was about to take place. Congratulations to Menachmen Gans (’15), and Yehuda Karol (’15) on winning the honorable third place team award. There was a lot of nail-biting as the winner of the trophy for the overall best school score was being announced. After much anticipation it was finally announced that… MTA won!!!

Congratulations to Meir Barg (’16), Yehuda Karol (’15), Elan Dayonov (’15), Menachem Gans (’15), CJ Glicksman (’16), Tsahi Halyo (’16), Chezkie Lauer (’16), Daniel Mirsky (’16), Shimmy Socol (’16), and Jacob Spector (’15) for their outstanding victory. Thanks to President Dovid Schwartz (’13), Vice Presidents Yitzi Lindenbaum (’14) and Asher Finkelstein (’15), whose coaching steered the novice debaters to victory. Most of all, thank you to Mrs. Levitt, whose dedication, coaching, and support make MTA debate inspirational, enjoyable and educational whether we win or lose.

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