by Yoni Schechter (’15)
On Tuesday, MTA hosted a Torah Bowl meet against TABC, SAR, Ramaz and Magen David. The MTA team hoped to get back on track after having their seventeen game winning streak broken in the previous meet. Members of all teams were treated to a pizza lunch when they first arrived. After some last minute practicing, the meet got underway. The MTA team began with a match against TABC, which turned out to be a very controversial game. After MTA missed an answer in the final round which could have tied the game, the judge declared TABC the winner. However, the MTA coach, Rabbi Pearl, challenged the call believing that the MTA team had in fact given the correct answer. After discussion back and forth including a phone call to the Torah Bowl commissioner, it was decided that the MTA answer was in fact correct, and the game was tied. To declare a winner, a tie breaker question followed. TABC answered correctly and MTA lost the match.

The next three matches were not as eventful. The MTA team dominated in all three matches against SAR, Ramaz and Magen David, led by the team’s top scorers: Aryeh Klein (’14), Yitzi Lindenbaum (’14), and team captain Meir Finkelstein (’13).

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