This year, the Honors College leadership instituted a new program for its senior members. In order to reinforce the ideals that were so adeptly and attentively studied for four years, each student was charged with the task of creating a capstone project, a culminating achievement, to complete their years in the Honors College. The diligent seniors immediately got to work on what would be a seminal work, their most valuable contribution to themselves and their school. In bittersweet anticipation of graduating from MTA this year, each ‘Chaver’ has spent countless hours on his project and, to date, many fruits of their tiring labors have already sprouted.

This past Tuesday, the senior Honors College gathered together for discussion of their ‘capstone’ projects. Each group presented their work to an attentive and engaged audience, while the HC advisory board listened and advised. Some of the most impressive projects that were presented included a printed publication of original Torah ideas from MTA students and rebbeim, as well as an in-depth, full-color, spiral bound publication of an updated extra-curricular guide to assist the underclassmen of MTA in getting involved in all that the school has to offer. The HC advisors are to be commended and thanked for their tireless devotion to our continued success, and their invaluable comments and critiques that help the HC cohort grow into the upstanding students that they are today.

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