Akiva Blumenthal (’12), with the help of Jeremy Felder (’12) and Avi Kaye (’12), who graduated from MTA this past June took the initiative in developing a chesed program at Yeshivat Torat Shraga in Jerusalem, where he is studying this year. After the missile crisis of November, Akiva approached the yeshiva leadership expressing his desire to help those that needed food and shelter. Akiva organized 15 friends to volunteer at Yad Eliezer, a food chesed organization, where they packaged food for IDF soldiers and for the needy. The initial chesed trip was such a success that it was implemented into every shiur of the yeshiva. Once a week – under the coordination of Akiva – a shiurheads to Yad Eliezer to help with the food packaging. Akiva is now working on a new program in which students from the yeshiva will be volunteering at a soup kitchen. “MTA provided me with the appreciation for community and my nation, and the confidence to take on such a project,” Akiva noted.

Akiva Blumenthal (’12), pictured right, helping to pack food for IDF soldiers and Israel’s needy

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