by Meir Barg (’16) and CJ Glicksman (’16)

On Thursday night, the defense of the Mock Trial team competed against the High School of American Studies at Lehman College. The case regarded Morgan Martin, a recent college graduate who is suing his former school, CPU, for misrepresenting itself. His claim is that when he was a high school senior looking into colleges, CPU seemed great, but after graduating that college, he found that he couldn’t get a job and that his experience at the school was extremely underwhelming. CPU argues that it’s Morgan’s own fault that he can’t get a job because he did not apply himself well at college and his grades reflected that. They claim that they were forthright about what they had to offer and did not deceive those who were looking into the college.

It was a very heated match and both teams did extremely well, but after some intense testimonies and examinations, MTA came out on top. Congratulations to witnesses Meir Barg (Dr. Shannon Charlton, Dean of Admissions at CPU), Menachem Mermelstein (Dana Detter, Admissions Counselor at CPU), and Shai Cohen (Casey Key, former classmate of Morgan’s at CPU) on their awesome presentations. Congratulations also to lawyers Dovid Schwartz, Daniel Jaroslawicz, and Yosef Sklar on their superb performances. MTA’s next match will be as the plaintiff’s on February 26th. If they win that match they will clinch qualification in the elimination tournament. Thank you to coach JoJo Freundel for his great coaching that led MTA to the victory.

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