by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

Sharsheret, Hebrew for “chain,” is a Jewish organization founded in November 2001, designed to help women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. Since its founding, Sharsheret has assisted over 23,000 patients suffering with breast cancer, has involved over 1,400 supporters and has introduced over 250 educational programsĀ in America alone. Sharsheret has been nominated as a participant in the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance, and was chosen as a recipient of the New York State Innovation in Breast Cancer Early Detection and Research Award.

This past Wednesday, Sharsheret representatives visited MTA in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness day. The students and faculty at MTA were asked to wear a pink article of clothing that day and an outstanding group of people followed through with that request, joining organizations and schools across the country. Sharsheret sold pink donuts and all money collected went directly to the non-profit organization.

pink day

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