by Shlomo Anapolle (’13)

We wish own very own Yishai Eisenberg (’16), who is the United States Chidon HaTanach (National Bible Contest) champion, much success as he heads off to Israel to represent the United States in Chidon HaTanach HaBenleumi, the International Bible Contest. If anyone has seen Yishai this past year, they can likely associate him with sitting in the Beis Medrash poring over a Tanach as he gets ready to compete. He will be competing on Yom HaAtzma’ut on national TV. Before that day day arrives though, he will have experienced Bible Camp, an extensive study session for all participants from around the world. There will also be many trips, including a visit with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. We hope to be able to watch via a live hookup on Yom HaAtzma’ut, time difference permitting.

Additionally, for the past few months, four other MTA students have been rigorously studying for the regional tests for the national Chidon Hatanach. After the results came back from the three tests, MTA was pleased to hear that all of its participants had received the honor of being invited to compete in this year’s national final. The honorees are Yitzi Lindenbaum (’14), Yoni Kornblau (’15), Asher Finkelstein (’15), and Max Landsberg (’16). Asher also received the distinction of being named Regional Champion. We wish them all good luck with their preparations over the next month as they prepare for the finals, which will cover over 80 perakim. We are all rooting them on to go and claim the title on May 5th. The Finals will be taking place at YU; we will see if home-field advantage plays out!

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