by Eli Morell (’15)

BItlaYLCQAAbfpW.jpg largeThis past Thursday, Rabbi Danto and twenty students boarded a bus to Estihana, an elegant, Kosher Asian restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where they were treated to a lunch of sushi and Chinese food. All of these students belong to Bnei Aliyah, MTA’s mussar group, which meets during lunch on Thursdays. This year, Bnei Aliyah focused on the topic of Shabbos.

Over the course of the year, the students learned many ideas on how to enhance one’s Shabbos spiritually. During these sessions, they gained a better understanding of the holiness of Shabbos. This siyum was a milestone in each student’s learning; it was an opportunity for students to share their personal achievements in respect to Shabbos. Many spoke about improving their learning on Shabbos, ending Shabbos a little later, and other spiritual milestones. After this, Rabbi Danto spoke about the custom of starting Shabbos a little early, and how it can start you on a path towards really appreciating Shabbos. A great and uplifting time was had by everyone.

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