by Yoni Kornblau (’15)

This past Thursday during lunch, students had the opportunity to hear from Yishai Fleischer, the only English language radio host in Israel. Before he actually began speaking, he gave out a CD that has a compilation of 16 Zionistic/pro Aliyah themed songs to everybody who came. He then began to tell us his life story including how he joined the Israeli army. He explained that the incredible feeling one gets from protecting and building the Jewish State, especially through the army, is the best feeling in the world. He also encouraged all of us to consider moving to Israel when the time is right, to learn Torah there, and to help settle and build the land. After he finished speaking we had a Q and A session in which he answered questions about post-Israel Israeli yeshivas, the IDF and his own personal life. It was a great program, and thanks go to Hatzioni and Mr. Fleischer for making it happen.

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