by Yosef Takhalov (’16)
On Sunday, May 5th, MTA was privileged to host a program involving a Bais Ezra residence for children and young adults with disabilities. The shiurim of Rabbis Bechhoffer, Soniker, Axelrod, and Schenker had the privilege to host and participate in programs that were arranged to help us bond with the residents and show that we all have much in common. We started out by forming a circle with our guests; their director then mentioned a series of traits and whoever felt the trait applied to himself, stepped forward. To our disbelief we had almost everything in common with our visitors. After this, we learned with our guests about the parsha and how every person has something important to contribute. We then had a lavish breakfast the school provided for us. After breakfast, we all proceeded to the Lions’ Den to play ball.

This experience has made me appreciate even more what Hashem has given me and I will always carry the memory, which I was fortunate to share with my classmates and my new friends from Bais Ezra.

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