by Avi Weschler (’14)

IMAG0431On Monday, the shiurim of Rabbis T. Cohen, Hecht, Mendelson, Danto, Beitler and Schiller were fortunate to hear from Jarrod Bernstein in the newly renovated lecture hall, room 404. Mr. Bernstein is the former Obama Administration Counter Terrorism and Community Outreach official. He was appointed Director of Jewish Outreach in October of 2011 and served until January 2013. Prior to that, he served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs for United States Department of Homeland Security.
Mr. Bernstein spoke about the different Jewish organizations that he dealt with and how they impact our communities and Israel. He also spoke of his unique experiences in the White House, such as meeting Elie Wiesel, and of his humorous experiences, such as almost knocking over Lady Gaga. He left time for many questions, which was certainly needed as he captivated the attention of all in the room. A special thanks to Shlomo Anapolle (’13) for organizing this unique presentation.

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