On Thursday, members of the Model UN team, joined by a few members of the Hatzioni club, traveled down the FDR to the United Nations headquarters for a private tour of the facility. The phenomenal tour guide, who hailed from the African nation of Eritrea, explained to the students the many details of the organization and the challenges it faces. She explained about the peacekeeping missions, nuclear disarmament agreements, economic aid projects, and many other UN programs. Students also had the chance to visit the General Assembly and Security Council chambers.  The tour guide expressed how impressed she was with the group and the caliber of their questions.

At the conclusion of the tour, the students were greeted by Josh Berliner (’01), son of our own Dr. Berliner, who currently serves as the Director of Business Development at the Israel Economic Mission and formerly worked for the Israeli Consulate. Josh explained some of the work that he does, the goal and aims of the mission, and why the Israeli government chooses to participate in the UN despite the body’s often controversial decisions against the Jewish State.
The students, who have had the chance to participate in YU’s Model United Nations, enjoyed the opportunity to learn first-hand about the actual world governing body.
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