by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

After much anticipation and waiting following a postponement due to weather, the annual freshmen rafting trip finally took place this past Tuesday on the Lehigh River. After davening on Tuesday, the freshmen class piled into 2 Monsey Tours coach buses, and enjoyed a gourmet breakfast of delicious cinnamon/chocolate buns from Grandma’s and sun cups for the commute. Although it was a long trip to the river, the boys were energetic and enthusiastic throughout the bus ride, making sure there was not a dull moment.

Upon their arrival, the freshmen, along with their rebbeim Rabbis Richter, Pearl, Cohn, and Schenker, as well as Mr. Gillers, were all greeted by the kind staff of the rafting tours. Everyone was given a wet suit in order to keep warm in the water and each raft was supplied with two buckets: one filled to the brim with food, and the other to splash each other with. After approximately 3 hours of on the river spent rafting, getting stuck on rocks, jumping (and falling) out of rafts and splashing, the group made a pit stop and enjoyed the food they were provided by the school. Subsequently, everybody piled back into their rafts and took off once again for an additional hour.

Once the expedition ended, the boys and faculty were driven back to the headquarters where they enjoyed a delicious barbeque with hot dogs, burgers, chicken and steaks. The boys also had the opportunity to play ball, frisbee or anything else they could come up with. After all was said and done, the two buses drove everyone home to their communities. Overall, we immensely enjoyed the trip, and are excited about all the other great things MTA has in store for the Class of 2016!

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