by Yosef Schatz (’14)
On Thursday night, MTA held its annual end-of-the-year Grand Siyum, celebrating the completion of a masechta by over 170 students! The siyum took place in YU’s Furst Hall, and many students, parents and faculty members attended.

To start off the evening, Rabbi Taubes spoke briefly, thanking all the students and rebbeim who participated in completing a mesechta, and explaining why a festive meal is the appropriate way to celebrate such an occasion. He then called up RIETS Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Mordechai Willig, who delivered a brief dvar Torah, inspiring everyone to set aside time for Torah quantitatively, qualitatively, and as the central component of one’s value system. Rabbi Danto was then called up to announce the students who would be making the siyum. Hillel Fuld (’14) said a dvar Torah on Maseches Tamid and Ilan Steinmentz (’15) made the siyum; Meir Finkelstein (’13) finished up the end of Bava Metzia and Menecham Mermelstein (’13) made that siyum; finally, Avi Gruen (’15) finished up Rosh Hashana and Ari Mandelbaum (’14) made that siyum. The siyumim were completed with Nachi Penn (’13) saying the Kaddish.

All guests then made their way to the dance floor for ruach filled dancing to some beautiful music. A video of the dancing, courtesy of Mr. Alan Fuchs, father of Elliot (’14), is available on YouTube. After the dancing, everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner provided by Carlos and Gabby’s. As people finished eating, divrei Torah were shared by Yitzi Lindenbaum (’14) and Rabbi Julius Berman, longtime Chairman of the Board at RIETS, a prominent leader of many Jewish organization, and grandfather of two current MTA students: Chanoch (’15) and Shlomo (’16) Aminsky.

Following dinner, the students who participated in learning a mesechta for the siyum received a translation of a sefer written by the Chofetz Chaim called “Loving Kindness.” Each rebbi presented the sefer to each of his talmidim, with a personalized inscription on the inside cover. The siyum concluded with benching and maariv.

Thank you to the shuirim of Rabbis Beitler, Cohn, Cohen, Danto, Kerner, Kessel, Mendelson, Pearl, Richter, Schenker, and Soniker for finishing a mesechta for the siyum. A special thanks to Rabbi Pearl and Rabbi Danto who organized the siyum, and to Rabbi Green for all of his help. Thank you as well to all the sponsors and speakers at the event. This was an amazing year, and we capped it off with an amazing night.

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