by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)
As school begins, many students, from freshmen to seniors, are eager to learn new subjects, join different clubs and teams, as well as explore the MTA building. Over the course of the summer, the YUHSB campus has been renovated and updated.  Some of the new renovations include a snack vending machine in the lunchroom, fresh hardwood floors in the main office, and improvements in other offices. A beautiful new hardwood floor in the Max Stern Athletic Center (with the recently changed YU Maccabees logo in the center) was also installed.
More improvements that are scheduled to be completed in the near future include a glass enclosed reading room with comfortable couches in the library, which will be across from a brand new research room. Also scheduled to be added this year to the top floor of the library are Mac computers.In addition, we are excited to have a new fencing team and a new Director of Admissions who will be named shortly. We hope that all of these additions will benefit us throughout the year, and we wish everyone a Kesivah VaChasimah Tovah.

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