Mr. David Leshaw (’09) is the new Director of Admissions. We sat down with Mr. Leshaw to find out more about his experience as a student in MTA and what he looks forward to in his return.

When you were a student in MTA, you were very involved in different activities; can you describe how some of those prepared you for your job now?
My experience writing for and editing The Academy News was good preparation for the substantial amount of writing, editing and formatting that the Director of Admissions does. My experience on the Debate Team gave me the ability to speak publicly, a skill that comes in handy at meetings with parents and at the Open House.
What have you been up to in between graduating and now?
After I graduated MTA, I learned in Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi in Israel for nearly two years. I subsequently attended Hunter College, where I majored in English Literature and minored in Political Science. I interned for a number of months at Sony Music Entertainment, and later worked in marketing at The Copia, an eBook start-up company. I also recently got married!
What are you most looking forward to in returning to MTA?
I most look forward to just being around MTA’s phenomenal and unmatched Torah U’Madda environment. That my office is just a few yards from the Beis Midrash and one floor below dynamic courses in Physics or Literature reflects a culture I love being a part of, and one to which I hope to contribute.
How has the school changed in the last few years? 
The school has certainly widened its course offerings and learning opportunities in both Torah and General Studies; in particular, the availability of foreign language programs and the accessibility to YU Roshei Yeshiva are some things that have been substantially improved. Also, the kids seem smaller.

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