Check out the MTA Club Fair Recap video here
We have so much talent among the boys here at MTA, it’s a shame when some students, midyear, express their remorse over not being involved in our plethora of extra-curricular activities.  How to solve the problem? Hold an extra-curricular fair! The idea for the fair was not new, but logistical complications prevented it from happening in the past.
This past Tuesday, though, with the help of the Student Council, we were able to host a very successful Club Fair. Over 200 of our students came through the lunch-time presentation to browse through the 40+ stations set up by our different clubs, teams, and publications. This was the perfect opportunity for the entire student body to learn about all of our clubs and get involved. It even led to the forming of some new clubs which have not yet been finalized, but are on the way to becoming official.
New clubs this year include Out of Bounds, our sports magazine, and the Outdoors Club, which has already hosted 3 hikes this year, and will be slack-lining every week during lunch breaks.
It’s wonderful to see so many students engage themselves in such a wide variety of activities beyond the classroom. The experiences our students gain from their extracurricular involvement helps them grow as mature, responsible, and passionate bnai torah.

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