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This week, the freshmen participating in the Yeshiva Fellowship had the z’chus to learn about the laws and requirements of an eruv from Rav Yosef Gavriel Bechoffer, who is an MTA rebbe and a world renowned expert in hilchos eruvin., having written several seforim on the topic.

The students later got to apply what they learned from Rav Bechoffer when they went to examine the Passaic, NJ eruv. The students went around Passaic, along with Rabbi Danto, director of the Yeshiva Fellowship, Rav Bechoffer, and Rav Shotkin, who has been for working the past several months on improving the Passaic eruv.

The students carefully examined a few parts of the eruv to check for problems that might exist. The students were able to learn about and use some of Rav Shotkin’s special equipment to make sure that the eruv is absolutely perfect, such as an optical plummet to check if a particular part of theeruv is exactly in place.

The students had a great time learning so much about thehalachos of eruvin, especially because they were then able to apply that knowledge in a practical setting.


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