by Mr. Gillers


On Thursday, MTA Students and faculty joined roughly 1,000,000 New Yorkers in an attempt to set a new world record for “most people at an apple crunching event”. In MTA, this meant that every one of us was given a fresh apple, hand-picked by the members of our Student Council on Wednesday (see video), and at noon on Thursday, made a beautifulberachah and crunched into incredibly delicious apples.


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Thursday was National Food Day, and the Big Apple Crunchwas one of thousands of events happening around the country promoting healthy eating. Our goals in participating were to promote that idea within the MTA community as well as to re-ignite our passion for making berachos.


Both goals were certainly accomplished; students made proper berachos with wide smiles, and the buzz in the hallways was about how yummy those apples tasted. Many students even came to Rabbi Green’s office later asking for more. It was fun and meaningful program, and we look forward to creating many more throughout the year.


Next on the agenda for The Office of Student Activities: Spirit Week and the Shabbaton!


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