Moshe Frid, a 9th Grade student in Rabbi Eli Cohn’s Shiur, celebrated the completion of the first section of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch this past Wednesday. The milestone was honored in Shiur with Rabbis Taubes, Bechoffer, Green, Schenker and Cohn in attendance. Rabbi Taubes opened the program by praising Moshe for taking the initiative to learn on his own time and then noting how doing so is crucial to developing as a ben torah. Moshe then completed this volume of the Kitzur by learning the last se’if of Hilchos Tzedakahtogether with the Shiur. Moshe’s classmates responded with spontaneous singing and applause, wishing him mazel tov, and enjoying the doughnuts that were brought to mark the occasion. We are looking forward to Moshe’s next siyum!

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