by Shai Cohen (’14)
On Wednesday, November 13, the senior class took a trip to Broadway to see Terence Rattigan’s The Winslow Boy. This critically acclaimed play is about a young boy, Ronnie Winslow, who is expelled from the Royal Naval College for allegedly stealing a five-shilling postal order. Convinced of Ronnie’s innocence, Ronnie’s father, Arthur Winslow, exerts all his energy in an attempt to clear his son’s name. With the help of the most highly sought after barrister in all of England, the Winslow family fights the accusation and manages to have the charges dropped. Although the Winslows accomplish their goal of saving Ronnie’s reputation, the process takes a heavy toll on them all. From the emotional, physical and financial stress of the ordeal Arthur’s health deteriorates, his daughter’s engagement is broken, his older son’s tuition money is used up, and his own marriage suffers.
This long but thought-provoking play causes the audience to ponder one main question: How far should people go to protect those that they love? The high-caliber actors, especially Roger Rees, were very successful in delivering this message to the audience in a captivating and entertaining way. We’d like to thank Rabbi Brownstein, Mrs. Levitt, Mr. Dobrick and the other faculty members that were involved in creating this trip, which is the third Broadway production many of us have seen with MTA.

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