by Chen Sapir (’14)

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The annual MTA yeshiva-wide Shabbaton got underway with our arrival at the Raleigh Hotel, in South Fallsburg, NY, at approximately 9:00 on Thursday night, November 21. We immediately davened Maariv and then listened to Rabbi Green’s introduction to the weekend. After this, we proceeded to the dining room, where we enjoyed a combined talent show, bingo games, and all around fun hosted by Rabbi Green and Mr. Gillers. Congratulations to all the winners! Following that activity, we received our room assignments and after heading there to unpack, we returned to the dining room to be treated to a wonderful late night barbecue. The freshmen concluded the evening with some chilling and bonding time with Mr. Gillers, while the rest of the school either went to akumzits with Rabbi Cohen and his guitar, played mini hockey (thank you to Alter Gross for supplying the necessary materials!) , or just hung out until it was time to go sleep.

The next morning, afterShacharis, breakfast, and learning sessions, there were again many options. One was an exciting hike through a nearby state park, led by Mr. Gillers and Rabbi Cohen. Another was a football tournament, organized by Rabbi Pearl. There was also an option to go to a nearby bowling alley, and an option to stay at the hotel and spend time making use of their facilities, which included swimming, basketball, and ping pong. After a delicious lunch, the football playoffs took place, with a team captained by Shuey “Champ” Jacoby and led by senior stalwarts Raff Hizami and Jesse Schwalb, finally capturing the title. Everybody truly enjoyed their Friday and looked forward to the start of Shabbos.


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