by Shimmy Mandelbaum (’16)

Camp Monroe in Monroe, NY was filled with joy and achdus on Thursday when students and faculty traveled to the camp for the annual MTA post-Lag BaOmer trip.
For the first part of the day, the boys, Rebbeim, and teachers had the option of playing soccer, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, ping- pong, mini-golf or learning in a special shiur. For two hours not a single one of these activities was abandoned. Everyone greatly enjoyed their activity-packed morning.


At approximately 12:30, all students and faculty joined together for a massive barbeque with hot dogs, burgers (and veggie burgers for those who preferred), watermelon, chips, soda, and water.


After the incredibly delicious lunch, and epic Rebbeim vs. Talmidim softball game was held, in which the Talmidim managed to stave off a last inning comeback by the Rebbeim to win 6-5.


Sports continued all afternoon, including some Camp Monroe firsts: flag football tournaments and Quidditch. All in all, it was truly an excellent day, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


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