On Thursday, June 19th, the incoming YUHSB class of 2018 converged on MTA for Freshman Orientation, a one-day “crash course” in many of the things that make MTA awesome. The day kicked off with brief words from Rabbi Taubes and Dr. Taylor, as well as a dynamic shiur by Rabbi Eli Cohn.

Afterward, the boys made their way to the gym, where they engaged in awesome team-building exercises, and where they learned a bit about more about one another. The boys were thrilled to bond with guys from all over the region – Teaneck/Bergenfield, Queens, Edison, West Hempstead, Philadelphia, NYC, and more – and to look forward to the four years ahead.

After a delicious lunch of Carlos & Gabby’s, the guys had an amazing afternoon with three competitive activities: Basketball, Archery Tag, and Bubble Soccer. The boys played three-on-three in the MAX, competing against basketball legend (and MTA Rebbe) Rabbi Kessel. They also engaged in┬áHunger Games-style combat, thanks to exhilarating rounds of Archery Tag. Lastly, they honed their World Cup qualifications in fast-paced – and bouncy – Bubble Soccer. And in this round, the US won all the games.

An amazing time was had by all, and the class of 2018 is certainly psyched for the fall!


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