by Josh Matatov (’15)


Over the past four months, Rabbi Soniker’s shiur worked very hard to coordinate and promote a clothing drive for Yad Leah, an organization that provides new and used clothing in good condition for needy families in Israel. During the first week of the clothing drive, the boys in the shiur placed signs throughout the school, advertising their mission and promoting the important cause. They strongly emphasized that we care about and want to help our brothers and sisters in Israel who turn to us for assistance. They placed cartons in convenient locations throughout the school in which MTA and Yeshiva University students could deposit donated clothes. The shiur was surprised by the magnitude of donations they received – fifty boxes of clothing!


Led by Rabbi Soniker, David Lipner (’15), Yoni Ahronov (’15) and Joshua Matatov (’15), the shiur succeeded in organizing and packing the clothes. It took a lot of time and effort, but in the end the shiur managed to successfully sort and pack all 50 boxes of clothing.


Ecstatic with the amount of clothes they received, Rabbi Soniker and the students in the shiur knew that their success came with a catch: each box would cost $18 to ship to Israel. However, they came up with an ingenious solution to their $900 problem: Sell “Make a Bracha” bracelets! The boys designed and sold Livestrong-style MTA bracelets, that helped defray nearly $300 of shipping costs.

All the boys who participated would like to express special thanks to Rabbi Schenker and Rabbi Soniker for giving the shiur the opportunity to work with Yad Leah in undertaking a critical and ambitious mission. The boys would also like to express their gratitude to the MTA and Yeshiva University community for opening their hearts – and their closets! – to our brothers and sisters in Israel.


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