by Dr. Edward Berliner
This past week, the Honors College students were shown the film “The Long Way Home” which documents the “path” between the 1945 liberation and the creation of the State of Israel. From my vantage, the students were transfixed by the film and seemed to “soak in” the history. Aside from their being moved by the beracha and the acts of heroism committed by ordinary people, what was most amazing to them was that these events took place in 3 short years.
Perhaps that is not so surprising as we similarly lost our sovereignty in three short years. But for the students, the idea that such earth-shaking events happened so recently and so quickly was truly mind blowing.


Parents who get a chance over the next few days might wish to discuss this period with their sons and also emphasize the importance of knowing history in general.
Our students are among the best the Jewish nation has; we need them to be educated so that they can assume their leadership role.

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