by Eli Morell (’15)

This week the “Meet the Israeli Author” class had its final Skype meeting with the acclaimed Israeli author, Chana Bat Shachar. The students in the class took turns discussing their own completed stories with Chana. The first topic of discussion was the title for their stories.  Proposing various ideas, each of the boys, together with Chana, found a suitable one that encompassed the theme of the story.


After this, the students had the opportunity to share with Chana what they gained from the class this year. A major theme among the student reflections, was that boys learned how to enrich their short stories by painting a picture with words, and including as many details as possible.


At the conclusion of the session, the students heard from Mrs. Rosenberg on the unique opportunity that they had in this class, as no other high school in North America has such a chance to be mentored by an award winning Israeli author.


The year was one of growth as writers for every member of the class.

The MTA writers are looking forward to having their work published in the next annual “Meet the Israeli Author” journal. This will be archived at the National Library of Israel and at Yeshiva University’s Gottesman Library.


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