By Yehuda Goldberg (’17)


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This week, the MTA debate team had the pleasure of hosting the final debate of the year. This debate included various formats other than classical debate, including competitions such as extemporaneous speaking and a scenario debate. “Extemp” is a form of public speaking in which the speaker is given a topic and must almost immediately speak about it for 5 minutes, in an interesting, well organized manner.


In a similar vein, the captains and seniors from Ezra, Rambam, and MTA organized a scenario debate. In this form of debate, the debaters are given a scenario at the debate and must  then debate the topic using only the information given in the scenario.


Both of these competitions proved to be interesting, educational, and an all around great experience. Thank you again to Mrs. Levitt for organizing this event and for all she does for the debate team


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