by Avi Weschler (’14)


This year’s Names, Not Numbers class was a tremendous and meaningful success, capped off by an amazing and moving evening, featuring a dinner and the screening of the class film. The class gives students the special opportunity to meet and interview Holocaust survivors, and to record and film the interviews for posterity. Created and spearheaded by MTA’s own Mrs. Tova Rosenberg, the Names Not Numbers program, now marking its tenth year, seeks to inform and empower the younger generation and to give students the opportunity to gain a unique understanding of our people’s most tragic time.

The Names, Not Numbers dinner in Belfer Hall last week, attended by over 200 people, including students, parents, faculty members, and of course the interviewed survivors and their families, began with remarks by Rabbi Taubes, who emphasized the critical importance of the program from a Torah perspective. Afterward, Mauricio Arenas, the professional filmmaker who assisted the boys in their video production efforts, showed the “making-of” film, which captured the intense process of conducting interviews, shooting footage, and editing video.
Students and survivors talked and ate together during dinner, further cementing the bonds forged during the interview process. The meaningful evening was solemnly concluded by Yehoshua Szafranski (’14), who read a powerful short story. Everyone in attendance agreed that they had experienced an evening not soon to be forgotten.

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