This past Wednesday evening, students swarmed into the library initially for pizza, but ultimately for much, much more, as MTA hosted another successful Study Night in advance of Finals. Arista members were there to register the students and channel them into various sessions with specific teachers. Students chose where to go and how long to say with each teacher they wished to meet with.
There were three separate sessions so that a student could study History, Math, English, Biology, Chemisty or learn Gemara with Rabbi Pearl. Mr. Shatzer helped students in the library for three hours, answering any and all questions, while Mr. Rosner had a constant group of 10 to 15 students.  Ms. H-L Zacks and Mr. Fein, in opposite rooms, fielded questions in Biology. Mr. Goldberg had a large, committed group to learn Chemistry. Mr Semach held a History lass in the Rebbes’ room around the large table with a steady group, and Mr. Berenson was bombarded with Biology questions.

Mr. Sragow’s History group did not leave and stayed all three sessions. Math questions from many students were answered by Mr. Segall, and Mrs. Siegfried could not leave her room due to the large number of freshmen who were there for English.  Ms. Lewis stayed in the library to individually tutor students.

Many thanks to all of the above faculty members for giving so much of their time and going beyond the call  of duty to help the students. A special thanks as well to Mr. Dobrick for arranging 9:00 buses,  affording so many students the opportunity to stay for Study Night.

Even the Rangers playoff game was part of the evening, viewed in the library right after davening by those who wished to stay.


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