by Aryeh Klein (’14)

To succeed at Torah Bowl, each team member needs three things: determination, dedication, and an abundance of free time. Despite possessing only the first two of the three required traits, as no MTA student has that much spare time on his hands, the MTA Torah Bowl team managed to pull off another championship – the third in four years.


After beating SAR, Ramaz, Magen David, and TABC to become division champions, the MTA Torah bowl team went down to Brooklyn on Monday to play against Frisch, DRS, and North Shore in the championships. MTA came out strong in the first quarter, but during the second, both North Shore and Frisch had strong comebacks and by the end of the first half they had cut MTA’s lead to a mere two points.


During halftime, the MTA team decided that they were ready to show the other teams just whom they were playing against – a team that had won the league championship two out of the past three years, a team that included elementary school Torah Bowl Olympians, a team that was ready to win.


And win they did. Lead by Captain Yitzi Lindenbaum (’14), Captain Aryeh Klein (’14), and freshman sensation Yair Caplan (’17), MTA ended up winning by a score of 61-48(Frisch)-46(North Shore)-27 (DRS). The retiring seniors of the team are Yitzi Lindenbaum, Aryeh Klein, and Gabi Rosenthal.


Congratulations to the entire team and to their devoted coach, Rabbi Pearl!


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