Six Seniors interested in college study at the University of Maryland accompanied Mr. Murray Sragow, MTA Director of College Guidance, for a Shabbos visit on October 24-25.  Students at the Maryland Hillel hosted the MTA students in their dormitories, while Mr. Sragow was hosted by Rabbi Ari Neuman, the JLIC rabbi, and his wife Shira.  The visit was a whirlwind of Maryland experiences, which gave us an excellent taste of what Maryland would be like in terms of academic life, extra-curricular life, and Jewish life.

We arrived in time for the 2:00 pm campus tour, which was accompanied by two videos about campus life and a presentation by an admissions officer.  We then met our hosts and returned with them to their rooms to prepare for Shabbos.  On Friday night, we joined the Hillel for a Carlebach Kabbalas Shabbos, followed by a delicious dinner at the Chabad with around 100 undergrads.  On Shabbos morning, after Kiddush at the Hillel, we were invited to a “meal swap” lunch with our hosts, in which groups of 8-10 Orthodox students enjoyed a more intimate meal in the apartment of an upperclassman.  After some Shabbost rest, we joined Kedma, the Orthodox student organization, for Seudah Shlishis and singing at the Hillel.

We left soon after Shabbos, returning to the MTA dorm around 1:00 am, exhausted but still buzzing over the experience.


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