by Aryeh Ness (’16)

Last Thursday, the Honors College juniors and sophomores went on a special trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at some famous artwork by the famous European masters, such as Monet and Rembrandt. Upon our arrival, we were at first given some time to look on our own at artwork from the Europe of the 19th and early 20th centuries. We were then divided into groups and with the help of informative tour guides, we toured galleries devoted to art from the early modern period. While we were led through the halls of the MET for over an hour, we were able to dissect each painting we saw and to get inside the minds of these famous artists. The more time we spent on each painting, the more we were able to glean information about the setting, the tone, and even about the painters themselves.

It was a truly memorable experience that won’t soon be forgotten, and we thank our Honors College advisors, Mr. Kulnis, Mrs. Siegfried, Rabbi Brownstein and Dr. Taylor, for arranging it.


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