The Honors College met for its first event on Monday, September 29th.  The goal was for each Honors College class to review the summer reading assignments and make presentations on various themes of the reading.  The freshman Honor College discussed Ethan Canin’s The Palace Thief, which focuses on themes of integrity and honesty and the need to be committed to truth.  Both the sophomore and junior Honors College classes read Michael Goldfarb’s Emancipation: How Liberating Jews from the Ghetto Led to Renaissance and Revolution.  These discussions focused on the role of Jews who made significant contributions to European Society and how their Judaism played a part in leading them to make their discoveries and activities.  The Senior Honors College read Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, a tragic look at the moral failings of one man whose past actions return to haunt him. We look forward to more intellectually stimulating programs as the year progresses.


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