Next Monday, the largest group of MTA sophomores to date will be leaving for an exciting trip of nearly 6 weeks to Eretz Yisrael where they will become students at Yeshivat Makor Chaim in Kfar Etzion. On Thursday, one of the English classes threw a going away party for those in their class who are leavingfor this incredible opportunity. Matthew Albert, one of the participants, presented a Dvar Torah which reflected his passion to be and learn in Israel. We would like to thanks Mrs. Levitt for making this possible.
Later that afternoon, the entire Makor Chaim group assembled in Rabbi Taubes’ office together with Rabbi Richter and Mrs. Rosenberg, who will accompany them on the flight. Rabbi Taubes shared some last minute instructions and then urged the students to make the most of this opportunity by gleaning all the positive things they will encounter in Israel and incorporating them appropriately into their personalities in order to enhance their experience as MTA students.

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