More than 15% of this year’s Senior class, as well as one Junior, have been accepted to the Honors Program at Yeshiva College.  Mazel tov to Seniors Rafael Anapolle, Yisrael Friedenberg, Menachem Gans, Zvi Goldstein, Yoni Kornblau, Yoni Schechter, Steven Stein, and Yehuda Tager, and to Junior Yishai Eisenberg.

The Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program at YU is one of the most prestigious programs at any college in the United States, with its participants having attained average SAT or ACT scores exceeding those of students in most Ivy League colleges.  In order just to apply, a student must have a 90 average and an SAT or ACT in the 95th percentile.

All nine of our applicants were admitted, and all were offered significant academic scholarships.  We are honored that once again the best students at YUHSB are recognized as being the best students anywhere.

Congratulations to Seniors who were admitted this week to the following colleges: Adelphi University


St. Johns

Yeshiva University

YU Honors


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