Yudi Bendahan, Tehilla’s uncle, learns in YU and came to Rabbi Gopin’s shiur to thank them on behalf of the family for their role in the successful surgery, and to give them chizzuk to continue the project.

The talmidim from Rabbi Gopin’s Shiur have spread their special project,”No Talking for Tehilla,” to the entire Yeshiva. Over 200 members of the MTA family, including students and rebbeim, have now registered to refrain, bli neder, from talking during davening as a zechus for the complete recovery of  Tehilla Bas Shoshana.

This is an unbelievable chessed for Tehilla and her family, as they draw inspiration just by knowing that even though they are 6,000 miles away in Israel, they are not alone. Indeed, there are people around the world who want to help out in any way that they can.

Tehilla had her third heart surgery last Thursday and is recovering. B”H, the surgery went well, but she is still in need of our tefillos.


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