by Yehuda Goldberg (’17)
During lunch on Thursday, the members of the Honors College had a rare opportunity to hear a truly unique perspective on the upcoming midterm election. This guest speaker was not a political pundit or activist, rather, he was a Professor of Psychology at Yeshiva University.
Professor Ariel Malka, a professor at YU since 2009, shared with us some unique insights into the theoretical side of the midterm elections. How do polls make calculations? Who votes in midterm elections and why? How do people’s political beliefs affect their location? How do various factors positively or negatively affect the incumbent party? Professor Malka addressed all these topics, sharing his fresh and distinct perspective on the political world.
This lecture has no doubt given us all a great deal more knowledge about the midterm elections and we thank Dr. Berliner for once again bringing a speaker to our school who has truly broadened our world view.

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