Who’s interested in a Krav Maga club right here at MTA? That was the question that was asked during lunch hour on Wednesday February 4th, where about thirty students of MTA were treated to a Krav Maga demonstration by Captain Eilon Even-Esh of Shomer360. Captain Even-Esh specializes in teaching the Israeli Army’s version of self-defense to the Orthodox Jewish community. He served in the IDF as Staff Sergeant, where he originally learned Krav Maga in the famed LOTAR compound, and then served in the United States Marine Corps where he was introduced to their version of self-defense as well. Currently, he learns here in YU at RIETS in the pre-semichah program from Monday to Thursday.

The mini-seminar was designed around three gun defense and disarm techniques, where the MTA students used rubber demonstration guns. In the first situation, students learned what to do if, God forbid, a pistol is held right up to the front of their face or head area. The second analyzed a gun to the front of the torso. Finally, in the third, Captain Even-Esh demonstrated the defense for a gun to the back of the head. Concepts such as the “rodef” were also discussed and middos and safety were emphasized. Parents and students interested in continuing with a Krav Maga club should contact our Student Activities Director Rabbi Green at jgreen@yuhsb.org or reach out to Captain Even-Esh atwww.shomer360.com


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