What is the equivalent to a SAT prep course for mid-term exams? At MTA, it is called Study Night. In what has become a MTA tradition, students and teachers stayed in school for three hours on the final night of classes, January 7th, in preparation for the upcoming mid-terms. About 150 students stayed to study and prepare with the general study teachers, as well as Arista National Honor Society students who were there to work with their fellow students.

Pizza was served to kick-off the event. Once the program got started, there were three individual study sessions, providing the students with the ability to study for multiple disciplines. Tutors also met with students, one on one, to provide assistance. The added benefit, of course, was the relationships fostered as senior and junior tutors engaged with freshmen and sophomores. Emails were exchanged for future questions. After a very productive evening, students headed home on late buses that were provided to all communities, well equipped for their exams.

Very special thanks to Mrs. Levitt for once again organizing an incredible fun and educational event.


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