by Jeremy Borgen (’15)

On Wednesday night, the Varsity Hockey Lions began the second half of their season after a couple of weeks of vacation with a game against JEC. The contest promised to be interesting because it was held just three days after a majority of the team members had run in the Miami Half Marathon, raising significant money for Chai Lifeline. It was also MTA Senior Night, paying tribute to those players who will be graduating at the end of the year, which brought extra fans to cheer on the Lions.

JEC entered The Den expecting a tough game, and that’s exactly what they got, as the Varsity Lions ran circles around the JEC team. The only problem was that MTA was having a tough time putting the puck into the back of the net. The first period ended with MTA leading 1-0 after Ami Rosenfeld scored a power play goal.

After the period was over, all of the seniors on the team went to the middle of the court and waited for words of wisdom from our Dean of Students, Mr. Dobrick. Mr. Dobrick proceeded to match phrases in Pirkei Avos with those seniors on the team. It was a moving and fitting tribute to the soon to be MTA garaduates.

The game continued with the second period which saw MTA score twice, a goal produced by David Boim and a goal from captain Zev Markowitz. The third period saw a little scare when JEC scored halfway through, but MTA put one more into the back of the net to secure a 4-1 victory.

MTA hopes to continue their championship run with a win against SAR thisMotzaei Shabbos in The Den.


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